The Midwest Motorsports Museum and Hall of Fame

The Midwest Motorsports Museum and Hall of Fame’s vision is to educate, celebrate, and preserve the history, innovations and success of Midwestern racers in all of their favorite forms of motorsport. We will share our interest, passion and appreciation for all types of racing to educate and entertain our guests and honor the individuals who crafted the rich history of racing in the Midwest.

The St. Louis Auto Racing Fan Club is just beginning this journey and would appreciate your assistance. We hope to provide a home for racing collections, conservation and restoration work, exhibitions, a research library, meeting and banquet space, educational opportunities and all things racing

Preserving the Past,

Celebrating the Current,


Educating the Future

Midwest Motorsports Museum and Hall of Fame Update
We are currently working on the 501C(3) designation. Until we’ve completed that paperwork and are approved we can not offer a tax deduction for the contributions we receive. We also don’t have the space yet for large, bulky items (such as a racing vehicle), however if you have soft items (t-shirts, hats, papers, scrapbooks, photos, racing programs, ticket stubs, etc.) that you’d like to donate please contact an officer or board member.